After Sales Holine

After Sales Holine

Dear valued customers, when purchasing our products, we kindly ask you to visit reputable retailers and keep the invoice for future reference. In case of any abnormalities during use, please contact our customer service hotline! Thanks for supporting Vinnic once again!

To ensure the interests of both our business and customers, we urge all retailers to operate legally and source products through legitimate channels. We advise all retailers to remain vigilant and prevent falling prey to fake product and fraudulent activities. If you come across any suspicious situations, please contact the relevant authorities or regulatory bodies. We will take strict action against any counterfeiting or fraudulent activities related to Vinnic batteries.

Customer Hotline:
Hong Kong: (852) 2717 1338
Mainland China: (757) 2717 2338

Safety Instructions

  • Don’t throw the batteries into fire or heat the batteries. This may cause the batteries to ignite or disrupt.
  • Don’t directly solder the batteries. This may damage their insulating tapes and protective installation.
  • Don’t use the batteries with the (+) and the (-) electrode inverse. This can damage the batteries for being over-charged or over-discharged, even may cause leakage, heat generation, disrupt, or Ignition.
  • Don’t expose the batteries to water. This can cause heat generation or rust.
  • Don’t charge batteries. This may result in venting, leakage, explosion and/or possibly fire.
  • Don’t disassemble or damage the external tubes of the batteries or modify the batteries (stack-up batteries) etc. This easily results in short-circuit, leakage, even ignition.
  • Immediately stop using the batteries if leakage, discolor or etc. with them are detected. This may cause accidents to occur.
  • Don’t drop or strongly strike the batteries. This may result in leakage, heat generation, disrupt, even ignition.
  • Be sure to use the batteries within a temperature range from 0°C to 40°C. Charge the batteries beyond the temperature range may cause leakage, heat, generation, impaired performance, and shortening of service life of the batteries.
  • Don’t use old batteries with new ones. This may cause short-circuit or heat generation.
  • Don’t use our batteries with any other type or brand of batteries. Mixed-matching of batteries may result in leakage, heat generation and bursting.
  • Keep the batteries out of the reach of children. To avoid being swallowed. If swallowed, please see doctor immediately.