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Safety Instructions

  • Don’t throw the batteries into fire or heat the batteries. This may cause the batteries to ignite or disrupt.
  • Don’t directly solder the batteries. This may damage their insulating tapes and protective installation.
  • Don’t use the batteries with the (+) and the (-) electrode inverse. This can damage the batteries for being over-charged or over-discharged, even may cause leakage, heat generation, disrupt, or Ignition.
  • Don’t expose the batteries to water. This can cause heat generation or rust.
  • Don’t charge batteries. This may result in venting, leakage, explosion and/or possibly fire.
  • Don’t disassemble or damage the external tubes of the batteries or modify the batteries (stack-up batteries) etc. This easily results in short-circuit, leakage, even ignition.
  • Immediately stop using the batteries if leakage, discolor or etc. with them are detected. This may cause accidents to occur.
  • Don’t drop or strongly strike the batteries. This may result in leakage, heat generation, disrupt, even ignition.
  • Be sure to use the batteries within a temperature range from 0°C to 40°C. Charge the batteries beyond the temperature range may cause leakage, heat, generation, impaired performance, and shortening of service life of the batteries.
  • Don’t use old batteries with new ones. This may cause short-circuit or heat generation.
  • Don’t use our batteries with any other type or brand of batteries. Mixed-matching of batteries may result in leakage, heat generation and bursting.
  • Keep the batteries out of the reach of children. To avoid being swallowed. If swallowed, please see doctor immediately.