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Company Overview

Started as being a battery manufacturer, Chung Pak is now developed to have diversified of paper separator, Zinc material, metal plastic parts and tools manufacturing in addition to the core battery manufacturing business. To date, Chung Pak Battery Works Limited is one of the major battery manufacturers in Hong Kong. It offers brands of Vinnic, including 0% Mercury Alkaline Cylindrical Battery Series, 0% Lead Added Zinc Chloride Battery, Primary Button Cell, Lithium Button Cell and Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries. All welcomed by customers from all around the world. The maximum production capacity of present facilities is estimated at 1.8 billion units. Kyokuto Metal (Hong Kong) Limited which is subordinated to Chung Pak has owed a troop of superiors and well experienced technical taskforce. During the past years, it has invested substantially advanced production facilities and technology in sophisticated chemical and physical inspection method logistic,etc.It is specialized in manufacturing pulp and Paper, battery zinc calot, zinc strip, metal and plastic components, tooling and machineries. Not only has it passed the ISO9001:2000 accreditation but also makes much effort in complying to PRC GB and international standards in many different aspects. In the past years,Chung Pak has invested significantly in advanced machinery to develop environmentally friendly products to expand its existing business and networks. For both OEM and ODM orders are welcome. At present, some world class battery manufacturers are already our stable OEM customers. The Group mainly produces for industry use,including local and overseas toy and household product manufactures,and to a lesser extent, for retail sales in the US and European consumer markets.

Company History

Establishment Started in 1980, Chung Pak was set up by a group of experts in battery production. During the early stage of development, the company was very small scale with only 7 staffs in our 3,000 square feet's factory at Yau Tong Bay .
1987 marks the third phase of our company’s development, as we become the first nickel-cadmium battery maker with 100% Hong Kong holding.
Although the political instability of China in 1989 and the subsequent withdrawal of many foreign investments, Chung Pak increased investment in China , which constructed the modernize factories on the area of 70 hectares, and employed more than 100 experts in Henggang, Shenzhen.
By 1990, with the advancement in the skills and technology in production, the production speed reached 1.5 million pieces per month.
In 1992, with the maturation of the production of Extra Heavy Duty Zinc Chloride battery, Chung Pak imported a fully automated production line of AA size battery from Japan . Its production speed is ten million pieces per month. This decision not only allowed the company to gain much managerial knowledge but also led to reform administrative system as well as institutional structure.
With our repeated efforts to improve our production and management systems, Chung Pak incurred huge investments both in China and Hong Kong . The head office in Hong Kong is located in the 7 storey Chung Pak Commercial Building in Yau Tong Bay , employing about 100 staffs. Investments in China reached HK$4 billion, with workers amounted to 2,500.
In addition, there were 30 workers coming from the Hong Kong head office to the China factory.
Stepping into the year of 2000, one of our major tasks is cost effectiveness, for example, reducing operational cost, increasing efficiency, minimizing security risk, reducing stock level of both material and products, etc. Under tight control in cost and monitoring in product quality, our batteries became highly competitive in the oveseas markets.
Looking forward to our 25th Anniversary, we will be dedicated investing in environmental products and researching in safety production environment continuously. Vinnic’s brand products of alkaline button cell, no mercury, and no cadmium, are the evidence of its effort in environmental business.
In 2012, in order to cope with the international brand position, we will elevate our Chinese’s brand to “ Vinnic “!

Safety Instructions

  • Don’t throw the batteries into fire or heat the batteries. This may cause the batteries to ignite or disrupt.
  • Don’t directly solder the batteries. This may damage their insulating tapes and protective installation.
  • Don’t use the batteries with the (+) and the (-) electrode inverse. This can damage the batteries for being over-charged or over-discharged, even may cause leakage, heat generation, disrupt, or Ignition.
  • Don’t expose the batteries to water. This can cause heat generation or rust.
  • Don’t charge batteries. This may result in venting, leakage, explosion and/or possibly fire.
  • Don’t disassemble or damage the external tubes of the batteries or modify the batteries (stack-up batteries) etc. This easily results in short-circuit, leakage, even ignition.
  • Immediately stop using the batteries if leakage, discolor or etc. with them are detected. This may cause accidents to occur.
  • Don’t drop or strongly strike the batteries. This may result in leakage, heat generation, disrupt, even ignition.
  • Be sure to use the batteries within a temperature range from 0°C to 40°C. Charge the batteries beyond the temperature range may cause leakage, heat, generation, impaired performance, and shortening of service life of the batteries.
  • Don’t use old batteries with new ones. This may cause short-circuit or heat generation.
  • Don’t use our batteries with any other type or brand of batteries. Mixed-matching of batteries may result in leakage, heat generation and bursting.
  • Keep the batteries out of the reach of children. To avoid being swallowed. If swallowed, please see doctor immediately.